Words of Justice

 Words of Justice Website

As part of the process of developing a website for the Words of Justice exhibit, I created a responsive Wordpress site to serve as a tour of the exhibit.

Library Virtual Tour

 HLS Library Virtual Tour

I developed a responsive Wordpress site to serve as a virtual tour of the Harvard Law School Library and oversaw the design of the content for the site.

LLNE Website

 LLNE Website

As webmaster for the Law Librarians of New England, I designed and developed a new responsive website and migrated the content from the existing static HTML site to the new CMS.

Web Accessibility Tools

 Web Accessibility Tools Website

Initially created using Wix as part of a class project, I rebuilt my website on web accessibility tools using Zurb's Foundation framework. The site is fully responsive and highlights some of the top web accessibility tools for developers and designers.

Website Prototype

 TLC Prototype

Using Wordpress, I built a prototype of a new website for the Harvard Law School Library's Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Solutions department.

Personal Portfolio

 Personal Website

My personal website and portfolio highlights my professional and personal experience. It was built using the Bootstrap framework.



Under the auspices of Harvard University's Library Lab, I worked with the team that developed Haystacks (formerly known as the Library Analytics Toolkit). As part of this project, I had the opportunity to conduct an extensive review of data collection activities at Harvard University's libraries. I also presented on the topic several times and co-authored a book chapter about the project.

Copyright First Responders

 Copyright First Responders patch

During my time at Harvard University, I served as a member of the Copyright First Responders, a group of library staff who have received special training on copyright questions and respond to questions from faculty, students, and other patrons and provide training for staff members. I continue to write and present on topics related to copyright issues in libraries.

Data Visualization

 Ring Chart

In addition to creating a research guide devoted to data visualization applications, I have also completed coursework on the use of big data in education and on data visualization using d3.js, as demonstrated in this portfolio of data visualizations. I have used this knowledge to create interactive data dashboards with library data.

Outreach & Marketing

 Blind Date With A Book at HLS

I have designed outreach materials, projects, procedures, and events at the Boston College Libraries and at the Harvard Law School Library, including spearheading HLSL's first Blind Date With A Book (as seen above) and co-curating several exhibitions. At the Boston College Libraries, I lead the Outreach Team, design new outreach processes, and have written, edited, and designed a range of print and digital marketing materials.

Digital Learning Objects

 YouTube Playlist

Both in work as a librarian and during my master's degree programs, I have created a number of screencasts, training videos, interactive tutorials, digital timelines, quizzes, and professional development materials.

Research Guides

 Finding Public Domain & Creative Commons Media Guide

During my time at the Harvard Law School Library, I have been responsible for creating and maintaining research guides on a number of technology topics and areas of substantive law, including guides on finding Creative Commons and public domain media, collaboration tools, screencasting tools, presentation tools, and teaching tools.